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About Me



    I am a native Californian.  Berkeley Graduate, 10 years living in London where I learned instrument repair.  I bought and sold instruments and bows at auction houses,  and practiced my repair skills on the fiddles and bows I was able to put back into service.  I received my training in bowmaking at Atelier Raffin in Paris., and later  studied with DT Navea Vera in Cremona, where I had  exposure to some fine bows, and refined my craft with Daniel, my Master.  I still travel a lot, between Europe, the Middle East, US and Brazil, where I call home.  I am getting select  pernambuco from the Instituto Verde do Brasil, in Espirito Santo.  I really spare no expense in  materials, best wood,  gabon ebony, sterling silver fittings, and pure silver lapping.  At the same time, I am able to offer an excellent bow at a reasonable  price.  By working  beautiful semi-finished frogs exclusively from Walter Paulus in Germany,  I can keep the price accessible to the advancing student, conservatory and orchestral player.  That has always been my intention.  There is no reason why a young player should not have a fine pernambuco bow.   En el  momento estoy trabajando en Bogota Colombia.  57 320 812 3633

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