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   My wood is almost entirely reclaimed pernambuco, from the state of Pernambuco and Espiritu Santo, Brasil.  My supplier sends  10-15 sticks to me in Parana, out of which I will keep 4 or 5.  It drives him absolutely mad, but he is also a bowmaker so  he understands.  My stock consists of select chocolate colored,  and darker sticks.  Lucci ranges from 5500 to 5900+ mps.  Prior to  starting work I will discuss what  kind of response you are seeking, and choose your  stick accordingly.

Mammoth Tusk for Tips

    Mammoth tusk is very much like elephant ivory, but entirely legal.  Tusks appear when the Siberian permafrost melts, and some also wash ashore.  The locals are permitted to harvest the tusk, and it  becomes widely available for artisans.  It is sometimes bleached to resemble ivory.  I use both natural and bleached.  I do not bother with casein or other artificial ivory.  Although I do like the look of a solid ebony tip.

Mongolian White Stallion Hair

     Hair is a topic bowmakers can, and will discuss for many hours.  At the end of the discussion they usually arrive at Mongolian white stallion.  My source of hair is so demanding, and the hanks are dressed so many times before they reach my shop, I  am hard pressed to find more than 2 or 3 bent or discolored hairs  in a single hank.  It is such a pleasure to work with.  Costs a little more, but I am happy to absorb that cost for the beauty of the ribbon.

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